org::gel::mauve::gui Namespace Reference More...


class  AlignFrame
 A dialog box implementing a graphical interface to the command-line mauveAligner tool. More...

interface  AlignmentProcessListener
class  AlignWorker
class  AnalysisDisplayWindow
class  AnalysisDisplayWindow::ContentManager
class  ConsoleDialog
class  ExportFrame
class  ExportMenu
class  FillLayout
class  FrameLoader
class  GenericAction
 Generic class to propagate action events to a listener. More...

class  GenomeCellRenderer
class  HintMessageEvent
interface  HintMessageListener
class  LcbLinePanel
 This class is intended to overlay a RearrangementPanel with lines that connect each locally collinear block. More...

class  LCBStatusBar
 This class displays statistics about LCBs in a status bar. More...

class  Mauve
class  Mauve::UpdateCheck
 Checks the Mauve web server for a newer version of this software. More...

class  MauveAlignFrame
class  MauveFrame
 The window frame for a Mauve application, containing a menu bar, a tool bar and a RearrangementPanel to display genome alignments. More...

class  MauveFrame::GenericAction
class  MauveRenderingHints
class  MauveRenderingHints::SimilarityDensityKey
class  MySymbolSequenceRenderer
 A slightly revised version of Biojava's SymbolSequenceRenderer, which prints symbols near center of range for location, and offset a little further down. More...

class  OutStreamPrinter
class  PrintPreviewCanvas
class  PrintPreviewDialog
class  PrintUtilities
 A couple of utilities. More...

class  ProgressiveMauveAlignFrame
class  QualifierPanel
class  RearrangementPanel
 The primary container class for the visualization interface. More...

class  RearrangementPanel::CtrlKeyDetector
 CtrlKeyDetector is used to capture the press and release of the Ctrl key so that the cursor for zooming in and out can be changed. More...

class  SequenceNavigator
 A gui that allows a user to search genome features by annotation. More...

class  SplashScreen
class  StyleMenu
class  SwingWorker
 This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread. More...

class  SwingWorker::ThreadVar
 Class to maintain reference to current worker thread under separate synchronization control. More...

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