org::gel::mauve::ColorScheme Interface Reference

Interface for objects that can apply a color scheme to the elements of a model. More...

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Static Public Attributes

final float MATCH_SAT = .8f

Package Functions

void apply (BaseViewerModel model)

Static Package Attributes

final float LCB_BRIGHT = .55f
final float MATCH_BRIGHT = .65f
final float SPECTRUM_GAP = .2f

Detailed Description

Interface for objects that can apply a color scheme to the elements of a model.

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Member Function Documentation

void org::gel::mauve::ColorScheme::apply BaseViewerModel  model  )  [package]

model Apply the color scheme to the elements of the model. At a minimum, the matches of the model must be assigned colors.

Implemented in org::gel::mauve::color::BackboneLcbColor, org::gel::mauve::color::BackboneMultiplicityColor, org::gel::mauve::color::LCBColorScheme, org::gel::mauve::color::MultiplicityColorScheme, org::gel::mauve::color::MultiplicityTypeColorScheme, org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedMultiplicityTypeColorScheme, org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme, and org::gel::mauve::color::OffsetColorScheme.

Referenced by org::gel::mauve::LcbViewerModel::updateLCBweight().

Member Data Documentation

final float org::gel::mauve::ColorScheme::LCB_BRIGHT = .55f [static, package]

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final float org::gel::mauve::ColorScheme::MATCH_BRIGHT = .65f [static, package]

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final float org::gel::mauve::ColorScheme::MATCH_SAT = .8f [static]

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final float org::gel::mauve::ColorScheme::SPECTRUM_GAP = .2f [static, package]

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