org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme Class Reference

Colors the matches based on their generalized offsets using the entire color spectrum evenly. More...

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Public Member Functions

void apply (BaseViewerModel model)
String toString ()

Private Member Functions

Vector getMatchesByOffset (BaseViewerModel model)

Private Attributes

Vector matchesByOffset
long uniqueOffsetCount

Static Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Colors the matches based on their generalized offsets using the entire color spectrum evenly.

Uses a very simple linear mapping approach for now. It can be tricked up later.

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Member Function Documentation

void org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme::apply BaseViewerModel  model  )  [inline]

model Apply the color scheme to the elements of the model. At a minimum, the matches of the model must be assigned colors.

Implements org::gel::mauve::ColorScheme.

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References org::gel::mauve::Match::color, org::gel::mauve::BaseViewerModel::getMatchCount(), getMatchesByOffset(), matchesByOffset, and uniqueOffsetCount.

Vector org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme::getMatchesByOffset BaseViewerModel  model  )  [inline, private]

Returns the list of the matches sorted by their generalized offset.

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References MATCH_OFFSET_COMPARATOR, matchesByOffset, org::gel::mauve::BaseViewerModel::sortedMatches(), and uniqueOffsetCount.

Referenced by apply().

String org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme::toString  )  [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

final Comparator org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme::MATCH_OFFSET_COMPARATOR [static, private]

Initial value:

 new Comparator () {
                public int compare (Object o1, Object o2) {
                        Match a = (Match) o1;
                        Match b = (Match) o2;
                        return (int) (a.offset () - b.offset ());

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Referenced by getMatchesByOffset().

Vector org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme::matchesByOffset [private]

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Referenced by apply(), and getMatchesByOffset().

long org::gel::mauve::color::NormalizedOffsetColorScheme::uniqueOffsetCount [private]

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Referenced by apply(), and getMatchesByOffset().

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