org::gel::mauve::chado::ChadoFeatureLoader Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ChadoFeatureLoader (Connection chado_conn)
void getFeatures (String genus, String species) throws SQLException

Private Attributes

Connection conn

Static Private Attributes

String QUERY

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org::gel::mauve::chado::ChadoFeatureLoader::ChadoFeatureLoader Connection  chado_conn  )  [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

void org::gel::mauve::chado::ChadoFeatureLoader::getFeatures String  genus,
String  species
throws SQLException [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

Connection org::gel::mauve::chado::ChadoFeatureLoader::conn [private]

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String org::gel::mauve::chado::ChadoFeatureLoader::QUERY [static, private]

Initial value:

        "SELECT featureprop.feature_id,, featureprop.value, featureloc.fmin, featureloc.fmax, featureloc.strand,,, dbxref.accession, feature.dbxref_id, feature_dbxref.dbxref_id, dbxref.dbxref_id "+
        "FROM featureprop, cvterm, featureloc, feature, feature_dbxref, dbxref, db "+ 
        "WHERE organism_id = ? " +
                        "(featureprop.type_id = cvterm.cvterm_id) AND " +
                        "(featureprop.feature_id = featureloc.feature_id) AND "+ 
                "(featureprop.feature_id = feature.feature_id)  AND " +
                "(featureprop.feature_id = feature_dbxref.feature_id) AND "+
                "(feature_dbxref.dbxref_id = dbxref.dbxref_id) AND "+
                "(dbxref.db_id = db.db_id) "+
                "LIMIT 100 OFFSET 0"

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